Spellcaster Adventure

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Welcome to Spellcaster Adventure!

An endless word game crossed with a kick-ass animal fantasy RPG!

Inspired by a classic word board game, Spellcaster Adventure offers more than 750 million variations for literally endless gameplay.

In Spellcaster Adventure, the character you play affects the style of word game you play, and the choices you make to grow your character affects every aspect of gameplay.

Customize yourself to take advantage at what you’re good at, or to make you improve at what you’re not.

One of very few real-time word puzzle games ever made, we don’t pull punches- find and make words as fast as you can, the way the game was meant to be played.




Word game lovers and RPGers unite!

Spellcaster Adventure combines the wildly popular style of word game loved by millions of word aficionados the world over, with the deep immersion of an adventure story and the game choice consequences of an RPG. Easy to learn but challenging to master, Spellcaster Adventure offers gameplay for all skill levels, from the novice word lover to the hardcore RPGer.



Find words before time runs out!

Inspired by a classic word board game, the core of Spellcaster Adventure is the word puzzle game you know and love! With unique boards and rules, Spellcaster Adventure offers more variations than any other word puzzle game available for literally endless hours of gameplay.

Beat your personal best by focusing on speed, accuracy, and length of word for even greater rewards!

Standard word puzzle games are turn-based, but Spellcaster Adventure is one of the only polished real-time word games ever made!


Magic! Adventure! Mystery!

Join Baelyr and Anan, two Sambarine from Hart’s Valley, as they track a mysterious thief across treacherous and strange lands. Explore the high country of Aquila, the territory of the militaristic Aquileutes, masters of air magics; traverse Uncia, the mountainous land of the meditative Pantheras, skilled snow and ice spellcasters; and marvel at the cultural advancements of Simiana, land of the charming yet deadly Sahas and Vilagos. Baelyr and Anan must catch the thief and return the stolen scrolls to Hart Valley … but with enemies at every turn, they’ll use all their skills and wits just to survive!