About Us

We are 75+ strong, independent, and growing. Our leadership team comes from decades in AAA, AA, Publishing, Development, and Outsourcing. We strategize solutions, not just implement them.
Culture 1

Life at HoH

We follow a culture of extreme transparency, where supporting one another is immensely important. We don't expect perfection, but we do expect a desire to grow and help each other.
It works. We have extremely low attrition.
We have entities in the US, Canada, and Sweden, but hire all over the world. See Careers for more info.

Studio Strategy

We're about stability and building a great place to work. We are spread over multiple teams, in AA, AAA, E2E, co-development, work-for-hire, outsourcing, consulting, and other areas.
Join us, and let's see where we go together!
Culture 2



Chief Executive Officer

  • 20+ years in Gaming
  • Studio Founder
  • Expert in Gameplay/Systems Architecture


  • Tech Design Lead at Microsoft Games
  • Project Lead on HoloLens
  • Tech Design Lead on Kinect


Chief Technical Officer

  • 25+ years in Engineering
  • 20+ years in Gaming
  • Expert in Graphics/Algorithms


  • Senior Engineer at Microsoft Games
  • Principal Engineer at BA3
  • Lead Developer for D3DX


Chief Financial/Operating Officer

  • 25+ years in Gaming
  • 20+ years Executive Leadership
  • Expert in Strat/Finance/Operations


  • CFO for EA CAN/LA/Worldwide-Labels
  • EA VP of Strategy, Operations
  • EA VP of Finance, Corporate FP&A
  • Board Chair for DigiBC

The Team

Join us!