Design Intern - Sweden

  • Part Time

  • Boden, Sweden

House of How Games

We believe that a universe without fun would be a pretty dull place to exist… and that games are the best medium in the world to provide that fun. We love games which is why we make games. We make games to be a part of providing that outlet for escape, competition, exploration, social connection and so much more to a global audience of 3B+ players and growing.

We believe in authentic leadership, real conversations, making decisions, learning from mistakes but always continuing to move forward. We don’t want big company politics. We just want to do our best work with good people and have fun doing what we love.

We believe that our team performs best when everyone shows up as their authentic full self and we strive to empower everyone in the studio to be a game-maker. We encourage everyone to have an entrepreneurial mindset and we foster continuous learning and innovation.

In a time of so much industry consolidation, House of How is proud to be fully independent. We are based out of Bothell, Washington with remote game-makers all over the USA. We have a satellite studio in Boden, Sweden and are also now expanding our remote workforce in British Columbia, Canada.

Starting out as colleagues at Microsoft Games, our leads worked with each other for years before setting out on a new adventure together. From humble beginnings, we grew slowly and carefully to ensure we could control our own destiny. We are now at 75+ people and growing rapidly as our industry reputation is bringing more and more projects to the studio. Come join our team and be part of the amazing growth story of House of How Games and help us to entertain the planet!


  • Learn new skills and how to work in a professional environment on major game IPs.
  • Help develop gameplay, tools, systems, and fix bugs.
  • Help plan 2D maps, and help build 3D layouts in engine world authoring tools such as Unity, Unreal, and/or proprietary engines.
  • Script events and interactions.
  • Pull work from multiple other disciplines towards a cohesive design goal, such as PFX, art, sound, and animation.
  • Help tweak and tune jumps, damage numbers, sightlines and everything else towards design goals, incorporating team and user feedback.
  • Help with small projects or large features.


  • Cleared to work and located in Sweden.
  • 2+ years experience as a student game designer, having worked on multiple successful student game projects.
  • Strong ability and willingness to learn and adapt quickly.
  • Some experience working with scripting languages, or visual scripting systems.
  • Proficiency or willingness to learn source control systems such as Git or SVN.
  • Written and spoken English fluency.

Bonus Qualifications

  • Swedish language proficiency.
  • A portfolio of work where you are ready to discuss what you did, and why you did it.
  • Worked on game jams or side projects.
  • Shipped an indie game on Steam or mobile app stores.
  • Experience in making mods, levels, or other fan content for a game with a Steam workshop, level editor, or UGC-aspect (e.g., Minecraft, Roblox, Portal 2, Mario Maker, Dreams, LittleBigPlanet, Halo, etc.)
  • Side skills in Programming, Art, Audio, etc. If you have any gaming-related side skills, please tell us!