House of How USA

House of How USA is founded and lead by former directors of Microsoft Game Studios, near Seattle, WA USA. We are 100% independent, giving us the power to pick our partners and projects carefully. We believe in iteration, tools, and being proud of what we make. Seattle serves as the headquarters and oversees operations both locally and at our Swedish and Canadian studios.

Internship Program

While not as expansive as the internship program in our Swedish studio, we are always willing to take on strong interns in any discipline if there is a good match. Some of the studio leadership was very involved in helping direct the internship programs at Microsoft and other companies and care a great deal in making sure it’s a great opportunity for both parties. If you’re interested, take a look at the career opportunities to see what sort of people we are looking for, and then drop us a line!

Interns in the past have come from DigiPen: Institute of Technology and The Academy of Interactive Entertainment. We are occasionally present at their recruiting events, but welcome interns from all over.